Nick had so many of his great lines cut, perhaps the developers were trying to tone him down a little or make him appear less confident about the whole situation. Nearly all of his lines for the purpose of stopping Ellis and his uncontrollable ranting didn't make the cut.

I have worked hard to give Nick back some of his true personality.

These are all the lines that I have re-introduced on mayhem gaming servers for Nick.

181 additional lines

Ellis-why don't you tell us this in the chopper?
Uh huh.
Hey, Ellis, why don't you tell us about the time you shut up?
Uhhh. I don't CARE. NOBODY cares.
Ellis. If I listen to this, will this be the last one?
Oh, Jesus. Is there a Witch around here we can piss off?
Ohhh, not again...
That's terrific.
Wow, really.
Glad you shared that, Ellis.
I don't think so.
And your point... is...
You know what I like best about your stories, Ellis? The sound they make when they stop.
You know what I like best about your stories, Ellis? NOTHING.
Why don't we try quiet time for a while?
Hey, Ellis! Shut up contest, ready? One two three GO.
Hey Cleetus.
Hey Ellis, you like taters?
Short laugh
No, sweety.
No way, sweety
Hey! Loud girl. Hayseed. Tons of fun. This building? Is on FIRE. Grab a weapon and let's get the hell out of here.
Shut up, Ellis.
I LOVE doing that.
Hey-football man. Relative a' yours?
I will never get tired of that.
I'll never get tired of that.
I do love guns.
Crumbs? Really, Coach? That's how you swear?
Name's Nick. And from the looks of you three, I'm the only one here who knows how to fire a weapon.
Name's Nick. And I'm gonna get out of this piece of shit city if it kills me.
Hm. This'd be really awkward if I gave a shit about your feelings.
It's that bug-spitting bitch...
I'm Nicolas... Nick.
Name's Nick.
You can call me Nick.
Name's Nick.
You can call me Nick.
Name's Nick.
Hey Coach, you can call me Nick.
Coach, you can call me Nick.
Are you really going to shoot the guy in a $3000 suit? Come on!
Aggghh! The TANK!
It's twelve feet tall and six feet wide! How are you shooting ME?
It's the size of a truck! How are you MISSING?
Kid, the name's Nick.
Kid, the name's Nick.
Try again, champ.
Try again, little man.
We got Molotovs!
Goddamn right!
Goddamn right!
Hell yeah.
[Improv non-verbal pleasure & interest sounds]
Holy shit, I think we actually made it.
Stay on the high ground.
Jesus, what's that stink?
Well, it's official: They're trying to kill US now.
Okay, yeah, got it. Sure. See you soon.
I'm out of gas, you're out of gas, they're out of gas.
This is too much rain.
is it ever pissing down.
Come on, Virgil...
Hallelujah. There's the gas.
The last time I saw this many crying women was at my wedding.
Witches must really love sugar.
That is a LOT of Witches.
100 to 1. The blood farmers on the other hand are even money.
You did? Really?
Wow! I thought he'd just OPEN the gate.
There're a lot of bodies in this village.
We're standing by a big gate, a big gate with a radio by it. Sound familiar?
I don't know, some plantation?
No it's not, this is going to be horrible. Make sure to stay together.
No it's not, this is going to be horrible. Make sure to stay together.
No holding hands, please.
Great, following shiny lights in the sky, we're like freaking cats and a laser pointer.
Watch it, don't fall.
Bet my caps are lit up as well.
We need to turn this crap up!
Coach, that is about the stupidest idea I have ever agreed with.
Not the time, Rochelle.
Not cool, Rochelle.
ELLIS! Leave that Witch alone.
Get up. You aren't leaving me with those two.
Get up, please? You aren't leaving me with those two.
I don't think so Ellis.
Hit it!
Man, it's all flooded.
Blind as a damn bat...
Are you kidding me, Ellis? Come on.
I'm here.
Okay, I'm here.
Thank you.
Looks like they are still holding on to the city.
They made them prove they were healthy enough to walk that far.
We got a ladder!
Was that aimed at us?!
Yes, I do know why they bury them above ground.
Yes, Ellis, it is, okay? It is.
If things were different, I could really enjoy this place.
Okay, anyone up for a game?
You know what? We can use that float to get across.
No Ellis, I've never seen anything like this.
So that's a Charger, huh? I think he worked out that arm plenty. He should move onto back and legs.
So that's a Charger, huh? Heh. You know what they say about zombies with one big arm..
So that's a Jockey, huh? Cute little guy.
So that's a Spitter, huh? You think she's single?
So that's a Boomer, huh? You know, it's sad to see an eating disorder get out of control like that.
So that's a Hunter, huh? What's he gonna do-go for a JOG at me?
So that's a Smoker, huh? Bet he's popular with the lady zombies.
Ha HA. NOW let's see who's the monster.
Shotgun... you complete me.
I used to steal these from cops back in high school.
Watch out for the... the big fat thing!
It's the fat barf-bag!
Jesus, are you FROM here? Ugh, look at you. That is so depressing.
Okay, one: stop calling it a 'whirly-bird.' It's a HELICOPTER. Two. I don't like being in buildings that are on fire.
HELICOPTER. It is a HELICOPTER. You call that thing a 'whirly-bird' one more time, I'll beat you SO bad, your sister's gonna wish she never gave birth to you.
Shouldn't you be eating?
Shouldn't you be getting ready for some football?
Call 911, I hurt his feelings.
And I thought this place was a shithole when there were PEOPLE in it.
Got the six-pack! Let's go!
I got freakshow's soft drinks, let's head back!
Everyone's infected.
One more and we can go.
They're not kidding when they say no lifeguards on duty.
Anybody else find this peanut thing a little terrifying?
I'm just playin' with ya, man.
I do not like that little peanut guy.
All right, but keep your hands to yourself.
I've never seen the Midnight Riders, but okay. Let's try it.
I think I know how to start the finale, hit the button labeled Finale.
We got lucky, people.
Guess the infection is spreading faster than we are moving.
Down the slide.
What the hell, I'm gonna hit it.
A coaster?
A goddamn coaster.
We can jump to the monorail tracks.
Get on the monorail tracks.
Let's use the monorail to get over that fence.
What are you, an unfriendly hippie? I thought you all had to be friendly?
Let's start this.
We need to move faster. I don't wanna get trapped out here in a storm
This, my friends, is a milk run.
A cakewalk.
A walk in the park.
A walk in the sun.
A piece of cake.
All we gotta do is get some diesel and get back on the boat.
There goes the milk run.
Let's hurry up and do this before the storm hits.
Screw it. We need the diesel and we have guns. Let's go get it.
Down this street.
Let's cut through this street.
Water looks knee deep in places.
I can't see shit!
Every goddamn thing is flooded.
Some goddamn milk run this turned out to be.
Oh yeah, let's go to the gas station, it'll be easy.
Okay, we'll do it. Sure.
Why in the hell not, yes we'll do it.
Always a stinking hippie. I swear to god, it always come back to making a stinking hippie happy.
I don't think we have a choice.
I bet he's got a working shower in there and he isn't using it.